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The RRS Team

Riparian Restoration Services (RRS) is proud to introduce you to our highly skilled and effective, interdisciplinary and knowledgeable team serving our clients led by Roger Peggie.

Whilst engaged in contractual work, effectively our client is considered part of the team for the duration of the consultancy/works.  We engage through clear and transparent communication channels with you in regard to reporting, hand over of data, safety matters, regulation and milestones.

We are resourced with 2 permanent and a number of casual staff dedicated to operations of RRS logistically and in the field. We work closely with relevant industry experts in the research sector, GIS professionals, allied industry representatives and NRM practitioners.  We also maintain a casual register whereby temporary labour can be called upon as required to fulfil necessary workload and contractual obligations.  We are proud of our loyal and competent staff and our relationship with clients.  By recognising their skills and commitment, looking after their training and development needs and paying a rate which is above award level, we have been able to maintain an efficient, effective and loyal workforce.

The Permanent RRS Team:

Roger Peggie
Director, Contract Manager, Operator and Innovator

As the owner of RRS, Roger plays a frontline role in liaising with Departments and clients in managing contracts.  Leveraging an extensive background spanning over a decade in the delivery of priority weed control services, Roger applies decades of expertise relevant to the environmental industry and innovation.  As a passionate contributor to our environment, Roger has been responsible for driving the innovative focus which has led our company to gain such an outstanding reputation within our industry, achieving best outcomes for clients and for our landscapes.

Stuart Peggie
Pest Controller

Stuart is a licensed and experienced chemicals user and pest controller, with over 20 years experience and knowledge in agriculture and horticulture. His agricultural background and longstanding service enhances RRS’s capability in the area of targeting noxious weed species.


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Riparian Restoration Services | Logo


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