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Since our establishment in 2009, Riparian Restoration Services (RRS) has gained the respect of our clients for our high quality, safety focused, and measurably effective and efficient service. We pride ourselves on being specialists that provide an excellent service with prompt response, at competitive prices.

Riparian Restoration Services is engaged by the government sector through to private clients on a continuing basis. We provide excellence in service measurable directly by results we achieve, our safety record, execution of methodologies in a timely manner and a dedication to improvement of service delivery through innovation.

We continue to gain customer confidence with our outstanding track record in achieving value for money improvements, having assisted government departments such as the DEDJTR and Melbourne Water to save annually through our innovative methodology on several pest weed projects.  Our system consistently wipes out 98% of declared noxious weeds, and can offer up to 300% productivity increase over alternative weed control systems.  As the leading contractor on the Port Phillip Open Waterway Alligator Weed Program, we reduce the size of the alligator weed mass by over 80% throughout the catchment area annually. We have repeatedly provided excellent results in previous problem areas that were difficult to treat or manage. Since our involvement with our innovative herbicide mixing system and Long Reach Access Arm, the Sandown Race Course Dam’s infestation has been reduced to less than <1% or what was originally discovered.

Projects examples include:

Various deliverable services to Melbourne Water

Acacia farnesiana control at The Peak Station SA

Evelyn Downs Station SA DEWNR works and Acacia farnesiana foliar spray and basal bark/cut and paint treatments

Wooltana Station SA DEWNR Acacia farnesiana cut and paint treatments

The Peak Station DEWNR Acacia farnesiana basal bark treatments

Port Phillip Catchment Victoria DEDJTR alligator weed foliar spray treatments Port Phillip Catchment Victoria

Port Phillip Catchment blackberry and spiny broom foliar spray treatments

Dandenong, Yarra, Maribyrnong, and Westernport Catchment (DEDJTR) alligator weed eradication project.

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