Riparian Restoration Services | Roger Peggie


Combining his passion for the environment with his engineering skills, and after extensive consultation with various key individuals in the environmental industry, Roger explored various ways of overcoming the safety and environmental issues involved with using chemicals in and around waterways.

The result was the ingenious design of the Herbicide Direct Injection System, a chemical storage safe coupled with the Long Reach Access Spraying Arm. The Long Reach Access Spraying Arm is capable of reaching up to 28m and can be used from either a boat or a 4×4 vehicle.

This innovative Direct Injection Long Reach Access Spraying Arm system is:
• more effective in delivering herbicide in a targeted way
• safer to humans
• safer for use in our environment
• highly time efficient
• able to access areas of infestation in a superior way.

See the gallery of images showcasing innovative equipment including the Long Reach Access Arm.

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