Dwarf Galaxias – Galaxiella pusilla

Galaxiella pusilla — Eastern Dwarf Galaxias, Dwarf Galaxias

Galaxias are known to occur in a number of riparian habitats and are listed as vulnerable or threatened.  Management actions and abstinence from herbicide use, protect the habitat of this species in known areas.  Following this link will take you to the Species Profile and Threats Database (SPRAT).

The Eastern Dwarf Galaxias is a tiny, slender, freshwater fish that averages 30-40 mm in length. Like other Galaxiidae, it has all soft-rayed fins, a body lacking scales, and a single dorsal fin positioned well back on the body. The body depth is greatest mid-abdomen, tapering to both head and tail, while the lateral line follows the dorsal profile. The head is short and blunt with large eyes, while the mouth is small, terminal and oblique, with jaws roughly equal in length. The dorsal and anal fins are opposite, shortbased and rounded. The caudal fin is long and rounded, with fleshy flanges extending forward almost to the bases of the dorsal and anal fins. A fleshy abdominal keel (more pronounced in males) extends from the pelvic fin base posteriorly to the vent. Body colour is olive–amber on the dorsal surface and sides, with a silvery-white belly, while the fins are transparent (Saddlier et al 2010).  Department of the Environment (2016). Galaxiella pusilla in Species Profile and Threats Database, Department of the Environment, Canberra.

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