Riparian Restoration Services | Roger Peggie

About Us

Riparian Restoration Services (RRS) is proud to be a leading provider in the industry, contributing to the achievement of your goal of reducing priority weed threats, by providing a safer and more effective way of eradicating aquatic and terrestrial pest plants.

Riparian Restoration Services is a 100% locally owned and operated business with a genuine commitment to the local economy and environment based in Bunyip Gippsland, Victoria.

Having worked extensively in environmental services for over 28 years, Roger Peggie, owner of Riparian Restoration Services, established the company in 2009.

The key focus of the company tackles the issues involved with effective and safe weed control along waterways and in terrestrial environments.

Our ground breaking methodology uses a Direct Injection Herbicide Mixing System coupled to hose and reel or a 28m Long Reach Access Arm. Using our innovative system has enabled us to perform treatment up to 300% faster than alternative methods, and with a 98% kill rate on first treatment on large scale projects.

We have been using this method on many government funded projects nationwide with exceptional, observable and recorded results – especially in areas where previously it was nearly impossible to access pest plants.

Our fees are competitive and represent very good value for money to clients. We do not expect that our fees are considerably more than our competitors, but consistently we achieve better pest plant control service delivery. This in turn equates to less complaints, lower contract management overheads, and greater budget control. We are acutely aware that less than careful attention to weed identification, herbicide choice, safety and the impact of our services on the environment can cost in unexpected ways, including fielding complaints, chemical trespass penalties and increased contract management. We have a proven track record in delivering safe, effective, cost competitive and highly professional services.

By knowing what our customers want most and what our company does best, we are able to focus on where those two meet and provide a service that will meet and exceed the client expectations

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